Learn how to solve feet problems using a professional program CALLUX SMOOTH & SILKY FOOT .
Use our products to get rid of calluses, corns or thickenings.


We have prepared a special 4-step program allows you to obtain excellent results,
in a very short time. Learn how to do it.

1. Preparation

 Preparing for the treatment:Foot soaking isn’t required.It is enough to apply patches made of non-woven fabric,prepared in advance, and CALLUX GEL onto washed feet. Such compressught to be wrapped tightly and left for 15-20 minutes.


2. Remove the patch

After the specified period of time, the CALLUX GEL patch is removed. With the help of CALLUX SCRAPER, the dissolved skin cells, corns and all thickenings are gently and thoroughly removed.

3. Cleanup

 The remains of dead skin cells become eliminated, and the skin surface is smoothened by means of precise foot file with CALLUX FILE disposable overlays. Disposable overlays ensure full hygiene and safety of the treatment.

4. Use cream

During the final step of the treatment, the specifically developed CALLUX CREAM is gently massaged into the heels skin. Thanks to its light formula, it absorbs quickly, and due to its comprehensive properties, the cream leaves skin nice in touch and smooth for a long time.