LUX GEL LAC 28. - Acid- Red - 11 M

Professional gel lacquer in cream viscosity, high gloss and high 21+ durability in 20 (FREE) non-toxic. Our new paint range is focused on maximum quality, not at the expense of health.

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Professional gel lacquer creamy consistency, with high gloss, high 21+ durability and 20 (FREE)  non-toxic. Our new paint range is focused on maximum quality and impact on the health. This is the reason why the Lux Gel Lac line was created , which brings uncompromising European quality and gel nails without the worst toxic substances ( -20 Toxicity).

Durability: 21+ days
 medium gel consistency
Gloss: high
Pigmentation: high
Self-leveling: strong
strength: strong
Curing in UV / LED lamp: 60sec
Application procedure: with brush in three strokes and final fixation of the free edge of the nail
Layers: 1- 2 thin
Waste layer: yes
Removal: gel remover Removal
time: 5-10min when the top layer is damaged by grinding or filing
INCI:Di-Hema trimethylhexyl Dicarbamate, HEMA, Ethyl trimethylbenzoyl Phenylphosphinate, Silica, BHT, Titanium Dioxide + variability cosmetic colorants 
Color: Color Basic collection and seasonally limited collection according to fashion trends
Nonstandard factors: weak nail, brittleness, aridness, pigmentation, hormonal imbalance ...
Functional system : Lux Gel Base + Lux Gel lac + Lux Gel Top 

We bring a new concept of a professional nail cosmetics line, which combines top quality and 10FREE (+9) non-toxicity. Material does not contain the most toxic components such as Parabens, Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBT, DBP, Xylene, Camphor, Sulfates, Triphenylphosphates Bismuth oxychloride, Ethyl tosylamide, Methylisothiazolinone (MIT), Hydroquinone monomethyl ether,(MEHQ) and others.

Some of these toxins are known carcinogens, but they may also be responsible for unexplained headaches, eyes, allergies, molds, infections, endocrine system disorders, reproductive system, hormonal balance disorders, nail aridness and discoloration, slowed nail growth, skin irritation or respiratory tract and much more.

New products have been tested on the basis of many stress factors. One of these was the requirement for durability, resistance, hardness and gloss. The products and their dyes contain no animal components and have not been tested on them, so they are VEGAN.

The series carries a compact successive systems as LUX GEL LAC , LUX GEL BASE , LUX TOP GEL , LUX ONE STEP or excellent professional nail gel base LUX LAC with LUX LAC TOP and other news as LUX Gel Remover  5-10min, LUX Pedi Gel , LUX Builder Gel and LUX Color Gel , which we will soon introduce.


The ENII 20-TOXICITY LUX concept is evolving and will continue to evolve thanks to our development laboratory. In the development of the 10-TOXICITY series, we have managed to reach up to the 20 most toxic components that our professional line does NOT contain.

And another important thing - we were able to add into the formulas of our products the new nutritious substances: 


1. sanitize your hands, carefully remove the cuticle (grinder, remover), then carefully roughen the nails with a 180/180 file, dust.
2. Than apply in a thin layer of Lux base and polymerize in a 30sec UV / LED lamp.
3. Do not wipe the effusion and apply colored Lux ​​gel lac at two thin layers. Polymerize both layers for 30 seconds in a UV / LED lamp.
4. Finally, apply Lux top and cure repeatedly, preferably for 60 seconds in a UV / LED lamp.
5. Finally, wipe off the effusion and give the oil on the cuticle.


1. Sand or saw off the top layer of material.
2. Then wrap each fingernail in remover foil soaked in the remover (Hybrid Remover 97% contains very caring castor oil with anti-aging effects).
3. Make sure that the swab in the foil covers the entire surface of the nail and that the contact is strong.
4. Carefully press the foil to the nails and pay special attention to the nail bed.
5. Apply to all nails and leave on for at least 10 minutes. The removal time can take only 10 minutes if the work is done properly, but it depends on many factors: the use of an adhesive or dehydrator, the thickness of the individual layers, the degree of damage to the top layer and more.
6. We begin to feel a gentle warmth on our nails.

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7. Remove the foil and use an orange stick to remove the material that has lifted from the nail.
8. If removal is difficult, rewrap the nails in foil for another 5 minutes. It is possible that the nail did not have enough heat or is thin and damaged and the adhesion of the material was therefore stronger.
9. After removing the material, you can gently file your nail with buffer and wipe with a cellulose swab soaked in a remover.
10. If we do not proceed further by applying another gel varnish system (before which it would be necessary to degrease the nail with a cleaner), we continue by applying oil or nourishing serum to cuticles and nail surfaces with massage.


1 The perfect preparation before the gel varnish system is cared for by a Russian manicure, which "lifts" our cuticle for 30 minutes and we get visually "under" it with the paint.

2 The basis of success is also the art of really proper painting. We paint the nail with a brush in a thin layer in three strokes with the final fixation of the free edge of the nail, the area near the cuticle can be precisely tightened with a micro brush detailer.

3 If we buy a cleaner even at home, we can guaranted a diamond shine that lasts for weeks by polishing our nails.

4 Before applying the gel varnish system, it is highly professional to treat and nourish any brittle, splitting, yellowed or sawn and damaged nails. For this purpose, we have created a salon ritual of hand and nail care in 100% natural aromatherapy quality with deeply nourishing serums with anti-aging effects ENII NATURAL. This nourishment can take several weeks, but the result of healthy nails after the application of non-toxic top lines is really worth it.



1 This product is not suitable for children. Keep out of reach of children.

2 Avoid contact with skin. The product should not be applied outside the nail, on the surrounding skin. If this happens, wash it with soap and water before curing. Seek medical attention if skin irritation occurs.

3 Avoid contact with eyes. If this happens, rinse with a stream of water for a few minutes and see a doctor if the eye is irritated.

4 Do not use this product if you are allergic or have had an allergic or other non-standard reaction to nail polish in the past.

5 Professionals, always use disinfectant and rubber gloves when applying.

6 Recommended storage: keep tightly closed, at room temperature, without direct sunlight, pay attention to direct contact with UV or LED fluorescent lamps not only in the lamp, which can also slightly cure the material and then reduce its functionality.

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