WOW Hybrid - Blackberry Crumble - 8 ml

Discover the new hybrid gel nail polish system WOW Hybrid Gel Polish by LCN for 100% gorgeous nail satisfaction!This 100% vegan system offers intense vibrant colors and has a balancing plumping texture.

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1. Remove existing nail polish and gently cleanse hands with soap and water.
2. Then dry thoroughly and degrease the nail plate, for example, with Nail Polish Primer
3. You do not need a base coat because it is included in the color coat. Simply paint your favorite color and let it dry. Two thin layers achieve a top result.
4. With the WOW Hybrid Gel Top coat seal the manicure. This ensures an ultra-glossy result and extends the durability of the color.

The WOW Hybrid Gel Polish is gently and quickly removed with acetone-free nail polish remover.

Our secret tip:
Applied every other day, the WOW Hybrid Gel Polish Top Coat ensures an extra long-lasting and perfectly glossy finish.

• without acetone
• fast drying time without UV or LED light device
• up to 10 days perfectly painted nails
• professional paint brush
• base coat and color in one
• UV light technology that reacts with daylight
• gel texture
• ultimate shine
• optimal coverage
• easy and quick application

Due to the included photo-initiators, the WOW Hybrid Gel Polish System must be protected from direct sunlight.

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