Fibertech Gel - clear - 100 ml

Awarded by the Beauty Forum "Readers Choice Award 2017" in the category UV modeling plastic. The new FiberTech Gel is a high-build, very durable construction gel with excellent adhesion properties.

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The benefits at a glance:

- very high stability
- extreme nail strengthening through highly transparent fiberglass particles
- is well suited as a modeling gel
- is very suitable for the stencil technique
- enormously resistant to pressure
- combined bonding and building features
- solvent-free
- smooth surface after curing (no fiber particles sticking up)

FiberTech gel represents the latest generation of fiberglass plastics and combines the clarity of a gel with the firmness and strength of fiberglass particles.

The FiberTech gel can be easily modeled. The excellent flow properties minimizes the correcting and filling after the first coat. The small, highly elastic fiberglass particles lie flat after application to the nail and form a smooth surface. The special formulation of this gel prevents liftings, fractures and chipping. The nail can also be easily pinched when needed.

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