Citrus Line Foot Peeling - 100 ml

A real treat for your feet. Exfoliating particles gently remove dead skin cells and smooth rough, dry skin making it supple and soft. As part of a spa treatment, follow with the LCN Citrus Foot Mask.

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LEMON OIL is extracted from the rind, for it´s stimulating, refreshing, and purifying properties and high Vitamin C content.

FRUITY ACIDS: Glycolic Acid is from Natural fruit acids (alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs) to rejuvenate the skin by encouraging the shedding of old, sun-damaged surface skin cells. Glycolic acid is the alpha hydroxy acid most frequently used for Glycolic Acid facial treatments but lactic and citric acid are also useful. Fruity acids loosen the glue-like substances that hold the surface skin cells to each other, therefore allowing the dead skin to peel off. The skin underneath has a fresher, healthier look with a more even color and texture.

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