LCN 7-in-1 Wonder Nail Recovery for All Nail Types 8ml

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We've all heard of the "2in1" variations. But have you ever heard of such a thing as 7in1 ?! LCN's 7in1 Wonder Nail Recovery is an innovative, top class multi function polish combines 7 properties in one bottle: Base Coat, Top Coat, Wet Look, Quick Dry, Super Hardener, Ridgefiller, and Whitener for sensitive, thin and brittle nail.

As seen in Women's Day Magazine as well as Beauty Store Business Magazine, the 7in1 Wonder Nail Recovery will strengthen the nail plate and even out surface irregularities. Acting as a protective shield, this polish settles on top of the stressed nail and offers the nail with a means of recovery.

The Super Hardener will leave the nails shiny and firm and the Whitener leaves the nails brighter. As an ideal base coat, the Wonder Nail Recovery helps avoid yellowing of the nail and ensures longer polish durability. Its ridge filling function ensures an even nail structure while the Wet Look and Quick Dry provide the perfect top coat sealant.  

Save your work station from chaos and clutter and have all your nail essentials in one 7in1 bottle!

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