Gummy Base Gel White 15 ml

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Flexible, very thick, brush-on base and builder gel. 

Despite its high viscosity it has great self-leveling properties, fills ridges on uneven surfaces. 
Has perfect adhesion, easy-to-work with and grants strong hold. 

Recommended: Base layer, nail strengthener, nail corrections, short (nail for) scultping and on its own as a colour. 

Why you will like it:
• Brush-on packaging 
• Thick as a builder gel (doesn’t flow) 
• Flexible as a gel polish • Levels evenly
• Soakable 

How to remove it? Gummy Base Gels are soakable. Use Acrylic Remover or any nail polish removers with acetone and soak it off using Wrap & Go foils. Despite of its soakability, we recommend you to remove the nails with filing.

Curing time: UV: 2 min.; LED: 1 min.; Combo: 90 sec.

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