BIO Gel 15 ml Pearl Nails

Anti allergic builder gel with a natural look

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BIO Gel is a thick UV soak-off gel specifically developed for natural nails with perfect adhesion properties, flexibility and shine.
Strengthens natural nails so we also recommend it as a base layer under Pearl Gel Polish colours or as a nail strengthener for some months after removal of sculptured artificial nails.

Advantages of BIO Gel:
• Thick UV gel with brush-on packaging for quick and easy use.
• EXTRA GOOD and perfect adhesion which makes it suitable for problematic nails, too.
• Its self-leveling properties make it suitable for nail corrections and to hide imperfections.
• Can be used as a nail strengthener on its own (with top shine) or as a base gel under gel polish products.
• You can even create a small C-curve on short nails.

Useful tips:
• It is TRANSPARENT so you can use it to fix rhinestones or other nail art el- ements.
• 3 months of regular use allows to have strong nails and healthy cuticles.
• Provides long wear - pedicure lasts 8 to 10 weeks, manicure 3 to 4 weeks – manicure looks very neat and natural.
• Easy-to-use brush-on packaging, cures under regular UV and LED lights.
• Leaves a tacky layer after curing, needs to to be wiped.

Curing time UV: 2 min.; LED: 1 min.; Combo: 90 sec

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