Perfect Nails Base Gel - Bond Gel Vitamine+ 15ml

BOND GEL VITAMINE+ - Adhesion boosting, flexible base gel with vitamins

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Thin, universal base gel to boost the adhesion of various nail enhancement materials, minimizing the chance of lifting from the natural nail surface. Forms a thinner and more readily soluble layer than the traditional bases, and also protects the nails. It provides rock solid adhesion even to problematic nail surfaces.


  • Thin texture
  • Breath thin base
  • Flexible
  • Soluble
  • It helps adhesion, inhibits detachment
  • Nail protection layer: thinner than traditional bases and more soluble
  • Contains vitamin

HEAT PRODUCTION: none | CURE TIME: UV 2–3 min., UV/LED 30–60 sec.

POST-BINDING SURFACE: After bonding, a minimal precipitated dispersion layer is formed. It does not need to be fixed if another gel or gel polish is applied to the surface. If it stays on its own or nail polish gets on it, it needs to be fixed. After fixing, its surface is not glossy, but matte and rough, so it sticks perfectly.

REMOVAL: Soluble, so that it can be dissolved with acetone / artificial nail remover after fluffing the surface.

PERFECT TIP: For extremely problematic nails use the Hardener Gel after applying Bond Gel

WARNING: Keep away from heat, light (including natural UV light entering the window). Reccomended for professional use only. Use only according to the instruction above.

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