Perfect Nails Cool Protein Gel - Nail Builder Pink Gel - Pinky Cover 15g

Cool Protein Gel - Nail Builder Pink Gel - Pinky Cover 15g

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Cool Protein Gel - Nail Builder Pink Gel - Pinky Cover 15g

We recommend it for beginners and experts alike; it is a material designed for salon work, which can be used for nail construction, filling, and file-free technology.

Almost pain-free, protein-containing nail bed extension building gel. Due to its protein content, the material remains flexible even after bonding and protects the nail plate from damage. Perfect Nails' latest nail builder pink gel offers a solution to the unpleasant, burning sensation during bonding. After fixing, it remains mirror-gloss. Even the shine gel can be skipped. It adheres perfectly to natural nails; it does not require a separate base layer. Its texture is an ideal, pleasantly dense, flexible material, so it is super easy to handle, spreads nicely, keeps its shape, and does not flow. Little flexible bends well and retains the C-bend.

Why do we love it?

  • It provides stronger adhesion due to its protein content
  • An ideal choice for file-free technology
  • Its pigmentation allows for a contoured and sharp smile line
  • No burning sensation
  • Creamy texture
  • Stain-free
  • Surface leveler
  • Glossy effect, single phase
  • Perfect for building discreet nude nails, even without gel polish
  • Binding time: UV 2-3 min, UV led 90-120 sec
  • Heat generation: minimal
  • Fileability: easy

How to use it?

  1. If necessary, we shorten the nails, thin the old material, and push up and remove the cuticle; we mat the nails with a # 180 file.
  2. We apply our Perfect Prep liquid and the Perfect Bond Primer.
  3. It does not require a base gel; we apply the Cool Protein Gel with a gel brush, then we form the C-curve from little material, then we bond it with light (1-2 minutes).
  4. After fixing it, we form the nails with a # 180 file and then refine them with a # 180 buffer.
  5. We apply the selected Gel Polish colors in two layers; then, we light up each layer separately. We use Extreme Gloss Top shine gel to add shine to the nails.

ATTENTION!Although it is a gel with reduced heat generation, temperate, short-term heat generation can still occur in some cases!

  • Individual sensitivity: thin or damaged nail plate
  • Extreme temperature: hot summer months, or using extra-powerful LED / UV lamps with rapid heat generation

PHASE: single phase | HEAT GENERATION: almost none | BINDING TIME: UV 120 sec, UV / LED 60 sec

Perfect Tip: Use any of our Flakes Effect Shine Gel and Top Gel collection as a top gel to achieve the perfect result. 

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