Perfect Nails Nail Sticker - 3D Crazy Christmas

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Nail Sticker - 3D Crazy Christmas

Water decals, christmas patterns with crazy reindeers and Santas.

Nail stickers and water decals are one of the simplest ways to accessorize your surface nail art. Ideal for nail enhancements or gel polish surfaces to create modern, one of a kind designs.

Advantages of nail stickers and water decals

  • Stylish designs,
  • Quick nail art,
  • Eye-catching patterns,
  • Easy placement,
  • Popular color palette.

How to use water decals

  1. Remove the protective film from the chosen decal, and cut the shape to size.
  2. Immerse that piece in water for 5 seconds.
  3. Take the decal out of the water, and remove the excess water by gently patting the surface of the decal.
  4. Then carefully remove the backing paper.
  5. Place the decal onto a buffed, dry and dusted-off nail surface, and gently smooth it out.
  6. Using vertical movements, gently remove the excess with a fine grit nail file if needed.
  7. As a finishing touch, apply one or two coats of top gel onto the nail surface, depending on how thick the decal is.

Perfect Tip

Wrinkles and creases may be fused together by applying a drop of Nail Bonding - Perfect Bond Primer.

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