Perfect Nails Snow Grains

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Snow Grains

Give your client the illusion of a marvelous winter landscape, where snowflakes are dancing in the air, the snowy branches of evergreens are glistening in the sunlight and you can see agile reindeer galloping through the snow. Let's add some sparkly snow to the nails as well! Add just a little glistening snow for your more reserved clients, or go all in with a sparkly winter landscape for the outgoing ones. Apply a glistening snow effect for a truly magical winter!

How to Use?

These tiny grains of snow are ideal for surface nail art, to apply on a lacgel layer with the sugar effect technique. There is minimal glittery effect, enough to remind us of the rays of the sun hitting the surface of snow. Sprinkle the snow grains into a top gel or Glue Gel, then cure. Do not apply top gel on the top of snow grains because they will lose their effect.

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