Perfect Nails Stamping Plate Wedding

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The thematic 6x12 cm plate contains various patterns that are 100% usable. Print it on the entire surface of the nail or use it for just a minor detail.

How to use it?

Before use, remove the protective film from the plate and entirely wash its surface with acetone. Gently clean the stamping plate head with an acetone-free nail polish remover.

  1. Apply nail polish or painting gel on the selected stamping plate.
  2. Using the stamping scraper, spread the stamping nail polish or stamping & painting gel evenly on the selected sample.
  3. Apply the pattern dynamically using the stamper with a small scrolling motion.
  4. Using the stamper head, place the pattern on the nail and apply it by rolling on it.
  5. The stamping nail polish should be cured for 2 minutes (UV lamp)/1 minute (UV/LED lamp).
  6. Stamping nail polish needs 20 seconds to dry in the open air.
  7. After removing the silicone skin protection sticker, cover the nails with an elastic shine gel (e.g., Extreme Gloss Gel) or, in the case of nail polish, a topcoat.

Perfect Tip

Use our printing plates with our special 2 in 1 Stamping and Painting Gels to be a real artist! Mix the colors and be the next Picasso!

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