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MOONLIGHT PLUS UNIVERSAL UV/LED LAMP-48W UV/LED LAMP WITH WHITE LIGHT This lamp features a dual light source and 36, well-arranged UV/LED lights(365nm + 405nm), providing an ultra quick cure time for products. Thelamp’s 48W output is much higher than the output of traditional 4-tubelamps.The white light of this lamp is eye-friendly and it illuminates the whole area, enabling consistent curing. The lamp has a half-down (”low”heat / reduced speed) mode to protect the nailbed from a burning feeling induced by the sudden heat. This model is equipped with timer buttons(10–30–60–99 sec), a digital display, an infrared and smart sensor and timer memory. When used without the timer function, the on/off switching is sensor-controlled (120 sec). Another benefit of the device is the external power plug / adapter that protects against electric shocks. The lamp has a detachable base, so this model is also ideal for pedicure.

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