Builder gel bottle - Milky Pink - 11 ml

The MILKY collection is a collection of construction gels with a milky effect. It is a gel for the natural appearance of the nail in subtle tones of milky color. It is suitable for baby boomer and softening shades. We are the first to offer MILKY - PINK w

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It is a unique building gel of a new generation with a minimum content of HEMA (1-5%). It is made especially for use from a bottle. Its easy application will definitely entertain you. Thanks to the rubbery, soft consistency similar to that of our Rubber System, working with it is really very simple and creative. Application is possible on natural nails, stencils, but also tips. Working with it is fast and with a little skill you don´t even need to hone so much. You can easily make long, yet thin nails with a natural look. And also with a natural and light feeling for their wearer.

Compared to Rubber, it is hard after curing. It is a hard solid material with great durability for more than 4 weeks.

The functional system is: support products (Nail Prep + Super Stick) + base - you create a Builder gel with a thin layer cured in a lamp for 30 sec. + BUILDER GEL, as a construction part of modeling + TOP (Builder gel does not shine on its own, it is necessary to apply a top top)

It cures in a UV / LED lamp, we recommend 48W and higher for 30-90 sec.

The package is in 11 ml bottles with its own soft brush for easy application.

We offer 4 different color collections, which we will expand in the future. These are the GLASS, MILKY, COVER and GLITTER collections. We are also preparing to expand the collection with INTENSE.

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